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Ladies Exercise

Many members enjoy the privacy of our Ladies Exercise Room. Located in the Main Event Floor, the Ladies Exercise Room is a complete facility with cardiovascular equipment, exercise machines and dumbbells for strength and tone, and core equipment to condition your midsection. Take advantage of the Ladies Exercise Room and enjoy a relaxed setting for your total fitness needs.

Main Event

The Anatomies Main Event is a large area of strength machines, free weights, functional fitness areas, a sprint track and other tools that you will use to get a great workout. This huge collection of equipment and facilities is a great choice for your intense fitness regiment.


Cardiovascular exercise is important for your overall wellness and health. The Anatomies Cardiovascular and Core area includes a large variety of machines that will improve your cardiovascular health, as well as an area of equipment to strengthen and tone your core. The remarkable diverse equipment in the core area is crucial for preventing back pain and firming your midsection.

Group Studios

Group Studios at Anatomies create space for specific programs that accommodate all types of exercise directions. These areas include the Grand Studio, Baby Grand Studio, Spin Studio, Bootcamp and Accelerate Studio, Boxing Studio and Overdrive Studio. Schedules provide class times and locations for each program, and our team of fitness professionals are eager to escort you to each.