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Personal Training –

Personal Training is a great way to maximize your progress and achieve far more results in less time! You will benefit greatly from the personal attention and expertise of your trainer, while being motivated like never before. Get in the shape of your life while you benefit from the qualities of this premium training experience.

Taylor-Fit Training –

The Taylor Fit Training options provide individual attention of Personal Training and the motivation of small group, in a more cost efficient package. Limited in size, each group enjoys diversity of exercise choices and custom programming which eliminates the challenges of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to fitness. The small group setting also creates a much higher level of motivation and accountability, resulting in even greater progress!


OVERDRIVE is a strength and conditioning class that combines the dramatic effects of resistance training and challenging metabolic workouts. Intelligently programmed and wonderfully coached, OVERDRIVE is a program that can be scaled for almost any fitness level. Put yourself in OVERDRIVE and be amazed at your results!

Robbie’s Bootcamp –

This HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) program consists of a diverse array of metabolic, body weight, resistance exercises and more. Designed to maximize fat burning while building a toned and lean body, this program provides a fantastic exercise experience of motivation and encouragement!

Accelerate –

With a focus of cardiovascular endurance and tone, Accelerate is a HIIT program that engages a broad array of exercise techniques and movements. Accelerate provides new challenges everyday within a highly effective and diverse workout regiment.

Aerial Yoga –

How do you get even greater benefits of a regular Yoga program? Much more that just flexibility, tone, balance, stress relief and strength, Aerial Yoga enhances results by incorporating a hammock. Discover the remarkable results of Aerial Yoga in this wonderful program.

Krav Maga –

Krav Maga is an intense and highly effective method of self defense. Developed to be practical and intuitive, this program teaches you to defend yourself and the ones you love while keeping you in top shape. Krav Maga is much more that fitness: it is a skill set that better prepares you to walk confidently in a sometimes unpredictable world. Due to the nature of this program, Krav Maga is recommended for ages 16 and up.

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