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Top Five Worst Fad Diets
Eating properly isn’t always easy, but whatever you do, don’t cave into the top five worst fad diets
    5. Zero Carb Diet
    This diet may be the culprit that started the celebrity fad diet craze some years back. It believes in cutting out carbohydrates entirely. In doing so, your body will lose water weight, thus creating the illusion that you are losing weight. You will burn some fat because your caloric intake is restricted, but in the meantime you will have no energy (due to the lack of glucose in your bloodstream). Your exercise regimen will suffer and your muscles will not have carbs which are essential to recovery. Then, when you begin eating carbs again (which you will have to do because carbs are essential to being healthy), all of the weight will be put back on and your body will be in worse shape. This diet is unsustainable and downright unhealthy.
    4. “Detox” Cleanses
    Various types of “detox diets” have hit the market with the promise that they will flush out toxins and force the body into a hyper-metobolic state that will quickly burn fat. In reality, these diets slow down the metabolism and deprive the body of the essential fuel it has needed to survive since day One…FOOD!
    3. The Cookie Diet
    The Cookie Diet is centered on the one thing that truly matters when it comes to weight loss…calorie restriction. People lose weight on the cookie diet not because they eat magical amino-acid (protein) rich cookies all day, but instead because they are restricting their caloric intake.
    2. The Beef Jerky Diet
    Once again, people do not lose weight by eating beef jerky all day. If this diet has worked for anyone, it has worked because of calorie restriction.
    1. Fast Food Drive Thru Diet
    You will not lose weight by eating Fast Food all day! If somehow, this diet aids you in restricting calories, then you will lose weight.

In reality, weight loss is simple…
  • When calories consumed equals calories expended weight is maintained
  • When calories consumed are more then calories expended weight is gained
  • When calories consumed are less then calories expended weight is lost
About 70% of total caloric expenditure is due to Basal Metabolic Rate ( life processes within the organs of the body), and each person’s metabolism is different so we all burn calories at a different rate. Some people can eat a ton and burn it all off; others need to be more careful in the amount they consume so that the excess food is not stored as fat.

A diet focused on moderation and variation that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, good carbs, and plenty of water is the healthiest way to eat. When youre hungry…eat. As soon as you are full…stop eating. Most over weight individuals do not understand the difference between being full and over-eating.

Also, people commonly justify over-eating with, “It’s OK….I went to the gym today.” This is the worst thing someone trying to lose weight can do. Yes, working out is a vital part of losing weight. It revs up your metabolism and adds calorie-burning muscle to your body. It does not, though, burn off the thousands of extra calories you can consume by over beating. So be careful - there are a lot of diets that claim they will shed the pounds, but in reality, all you really need is a healthy diet and a bit of moderation.